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Civil Maintenance

Scope of Work

  • Main incoming and distribution panel
  • Cabling and terminations
  • Lighting and power circuit and its accessories
  • Lighting fixtures


  • Checking of Transformer oil level
  • Checking of Transformer oil temperature
  • Checking of Transformer breather condition


  • Checking of HT Consumption
  • Checking of LT Consumption
  • Checking of Lighting Power Panel
  • Checking of UPS Panel

Panel Mater

  • Checking of Volt Meter / AMP Meter
  • Checking of Indication Lamp
  • Checking of Consumption Meter etc.

Common Area

  • Checking of Bulb, Tube, Starter, Chokes and Capacitors etc.
  • Checking of Fans and Exhaust Fans
  • Checking of Electric supply of all Panels

Office premises

  • Checking of Bulb, Tube, Chokes and Capacitors etc.
  • Checking of Fans, and Exhaust Fans
  • Checking of Electric Supply to Lighting and Power DB

DG Supply

  • Testing of DG Supply on daily basis for 10 to 15 Minutes
  • Checking of Transformer change over
  • Cleaning of Sub Station and Electrical Rooms

  • Tightening of all DBs, Incoming cables and outgoing wire connection, Power lighting and Plug Point connection
  • Monthly report shall be given with detail of work done and our Observation of electrical installation works and list of are require Immediate action
  • The spare parts and consumable materials shall be supplied by you or will be supplied by us on prior approval on chargeable basis/li>
  • Overhauling of HT Breaker
  • Power and Lighting Panel Earth resistance test
  • Tong test to ensure that the distribution system is safe
  • Earth continuity test of all DBs, Power and Lighting Plug Point and UPS Point etc.
  • Tightening of LT Panel, Bus bar, Incoming and Outgoing connection
  • Resistance test of LT cables - LT Panel to main switch
  • Testing of transformer Oil
  • Testing of Earth Pit Resistance
  • We shall provide all the tools and tackles required for operation and Maintenance

  • We shall not be liable for damage or destruction of any part of parts of the equipments, which may acquire during the process of handling, unless it is proved by you that the same was owing to any wrongful act or negligence on the part of our personnel
  • All the critical alarm will be analyzed for this purpose and any abnormality shall be communicated to your representative
  • Our obligation shall be limited to the extent of operating all the serviceable facilities & checking the overall healthiness of various parameters as afforded by the system engineering of your site
  • In no event we shall be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising out of our connected with this contract in any way whatsoever
  • During handing over of details of maintenance / renovation work from project department, defect list and modification required as per the maintenance point of view shall be submitted to you
  • Operation and Services manual for repair & renovation work in your building have to be provided by you
  • Locker room facility and storage for uniforms, tools & equipments